Office Makeovers
Doc Talk
This quirky office was a quick makeover – A 15 year office with typical partitions and dark corners was replaced with this open well lit vibrant space. Akshat Goenka, a young and aspiring entrepreneur initiated this medical startup with a clear vision for his office. For his team of fresh minds, this workplace was divided into work and recreation zones. The operational zone comprised of a 21 feet community table, ideal for open interaction. Simultaneously compact meeting and conference rooms with customized whiteboards were assigned for confidential discussions. A huge ping pong table with their motto “Make Something People Want” dominates the play zone along with huge soft cushions, perfect to ideate on. A bright pantry smelling of perfectly brewed coffee with handmade paper lanterns create picture-perfect ambience to rejuvenate. The colour palette (blue) was taken from their logo and paired with contrasting green with neutral grey texture in the background. Green was added in the form of terrariums and artificial grass wall cladding at the entrance that prepares one for what's inside.

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