Apartment at Khar
This makeshift house for the Panjabi’s was a quick make-over in just 45 days. Their luxurious lifestyle and classy taste gave us an intriguing opportunity to setup a warm welcoming home. They love to entertain and since this was not their permanent residence we choose chic modular pick-up furniture against a background of neutral shades. Purple accents with customized sequined cushions in the living room played well along with the soft indirect lighting. These purple accents revolved around a stunning Murano vase – a possession which the clients wanted to be a part of the décor. We adore the involvement of natural elements like natural light and air in our spaces. Embroidered Damask sheer curtains did complete justice to sunlight filtering the room. The built-in camouflaged bar unit is a surprise and treat to watch from inside – well deceived in contrast to its exterior. It comprises dedicated storage from an opener to glasses with a capacity of approximately 50 bottles. The harmonium, wine cellar, lounge seating, and the wooden furniture in the den room reflect these warm people. The bedroom décor was tailored to individual preferences in terms of furnishings, textures, furniture keeping in sync with the design flow in the entire apartment. After all this serene space is all one needs end of the day to relax and unwind. The quick and fun journey of this project is an insight to elegant living.
3 BHK - 1500 Sq.ft

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