Living room makeovers
Glamour Glen-Khar West
Site 1: SILVER! One of the simplest briefs we have had so far. Our clients were two sisters, who were very sure of their taste and this is all they had to say in terms of expectations. The colour “Silver” has passed through various cultures and has often been overlooked in terms of design. Being in an age where shades of Gold & Copper were the market demand, we took this as a personal challenge. Grey tones were stylishly incorporated to balance the Silver. Our mutual love for Damasks characterized each piece of furniture wherein the highlight of our design was a bold silver dining table and an unconventional chandelier. Detailing in the inlay on the center table, customized handles, veneer laser cut bar shutters etc. were worth the effort for a stunning outcome. From wallpaper to curtains and finally accessories, we were thankful for our client’s enthusiasm and involvement.

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